Each vehicle we supply comes with at least a 3 month parts and labour warranty, which can be extended to one or two years when you select your vehicle or maybe the car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, which can remain in place.

The most unique feature about the warranty we offer, is that the claims limit is up to the Purchase Price of the vehicle [not just £200-£500 as with many warranties] so if you buy a car for £20k, then this becomes your claim limit.

We provide you with a warranty booklet, itemising everything that is covered, allowing you to be sure of exactly which parts you are covered for, examples:-

ECU’s ~ Engine ~ Cylinder Headgasket ~ Flywheel & Drive Plates ~ Fuel System ~ Ignition System ~ Braking System ~ Clutch ~ Cooling System ~ Gearboxes ~ Transmissions ~ Steering ~ Suspension ~ Turbocharger ~ Electrics ~ Casings ~ Oil Seals and Gaskets ~ etc…
Every vehicle is checked and so we are confident that our cars leave us in tip top condition, that’s why we provide such a good warranty backup with them!

Any claim can be dealt with by making one easy call to Warranty Assist to find out your nearest garage repair agent, alternatively if your local garage [which you may already use] is vat registered, they can still carry out any work that is necessary.

We hope you should never find the need to make a claim, but being realistic, a car is a mechanical object with moving parts and should just one of those moving parts stop, then this can cause an issue with the car, which could be covered.

If you live a distance away from us, it could be worthwhile extending your warranty which we can arrange on collection of your new vehicle...just for peace of mind.

Full details of our warranty plan options are available on request. 

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