Why not purchase your next car from PEMBERTON COMPANY with one of our flexible ‘car loan’ options!

We can offer and provide you with a variation of repayment alternatives to attempt to make a saving for you so that your monthly repayments are more affordable and within your budget:

  • Low Rate - finance schemes are always available and are subject to the age and mileage of the vehicle of your choice.
  • Deposit - A deposit is not always necessary, but with any amount you pay in advance will always reduce the amount of loan you have, thereby making your repayments more affordable.
  • Part Exchange – you can always consider offering your old car in part exchange, the amount offered can then be transferred towards a deposit, lowering your monthly spend.

Finance Options:-

  • Hire Purchase ~ a flexible monthly repayment contract between 1 and 5 years ~ and then as the agreement ends, the car can become your own. 
  • PCP – (Personal Contract Purchase) ~ flexible option plan to help you afford the car you really desire and is an ideal alternative if you prefer to change your car every three years, a low deposit can be made, with a Balloon Payment (Residual Value) placed on the car, which can be paid off at the end of the agreement should you want to own the vehicle, which ultimately means you are paying back a lower monthly repayment because of the offset residual value but still financing the full amount.

To find out more about our alternative finance options ~ go to the video attached above or on your favourite car's finance section, for full information.  

Applying – We have an easy application process and can generally provide finance on the same day.

We are regulated by the FCA, so full details of all finance packages, terms and conditions available on request.

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